Ministry Teams

We encourage you to be the Church with us by serving the community on a Ministry Team. Below you will find descriptions of the Ministry Teams that make up Sojourn. Please reach out to the Team Leader if you would like to know more about how you could serve!

Community Groups

Vision & Mission - To come together to be formed as followers of Jesus. We are formed through: Study of God’s word, Prayer, Fellowship and living on God’s Mission together. If you want to grow as a follower of Jesus, if you want to get to know the people of Sojourn, involvement in a community group is the route to take.

Leader: Patty Bogese |


Leader: Bob Most |

Member Meeting/Inquirer’s Class/Baptisms

Leader: Meghan Brantingham |

Men’s Group

Leader: Daniel Shelor |

Women’s Time

Vision & Mission - To serve the women by presenting an opportunity for us to meet weekly, Thursday’s from 6:00am to 7:30am.  We gather; share a light breakfast and coffee; discuss the chapter of our current study; and share and pray. Any and all women are welcome, not limited to Sojourn members/attendees.

Leader: Katie Watkins |


Vision & Mission - To serve the church body by gathering during the first 40 minutes of Sunday service to pray over the service; leaders, members, and visitors; Christ’s body locally, nationally, and worldwide; and local, state, and national leaders.

Leader: Tom McSherry |

Set Up/Tear Down

Vision & Mission - To see wanderers and followers connect with one another and God by setting up a space that allows for connection.

Leader: Luke Harris |


Vision & Mission - To serve the church body by planning and leading the congregation through the non-preaching elements of the worship service; these primarily include songs, prayers, and corporate readings.

Leader: Dan Jaasma |


Vision & Mission - To serve the church body by striving to seamlessly set-up and maintain quality sound with the purpose of preventing distraction during the Sunday worship service. This requires arriving early on Sunday mornings to get the sound equipment and powerpoint tested and set-up to allow the worship team time to practice before service starts.

Leader: Sterling Parmer |


Vision & Mission - To assist in fostering the culture of Sunday gatherings of Sojourn Church into a welcoming and peaceful worship experience that quiets individuals minds and hearts to focus on God's word and to draw closer to Him. This requires coordination with each leadership team and fulfillment of logistical responsibilities of the host on duty to ensure that the Sunday gathering fulfills the mission and allows each leadership team and preaching elder to most effectively do their work.

Leader: Aaron Vaughan |